Michelle showed great knowledge and professional skills not only into the art of collage but also in her approach with students. She puts people at ease and finds wonder in everything they do. At the end of the workshop I had completed almost 3 collages and already could see the benefits of this art as a tool for personnel development. It was very uplifting and stimulating and I am sure that I will be attending more of her workshops. I am very grateful that I could encounter collage and Michelle.

Student Testimonial: Johanne Leveille, Artist/Instructor

I showed up at Michelle's home studio with a banker’s box overflowing with images, material swatches, photos, cookbooks, jewellery and badges! I was proud of my collection and eager to get the images onto my board. During the workshop, I realized that gathering images was only one part of the collage process. The "art" of collage was all around me. Michelle's studio had all the proper materials to collage works of art and more! Spacious tables, bright lights, every type of paper, marker, scissors, embellishments, glues etc. that you could imagine! Michelle's home studio was the perfect environment for a workshop.

Ruth Ann McClure, Faith Formation Director (St. George’s Parish, Ottawa) / Montessori Teacher

When I fell upon Michelle's wonderful exhibit in 2011 at the Atrium Gallery at Ben Franklin Place (Ottawa), I knew she was an artist who revelled in her knowledge of art and all that it encompasses.  In addition, she had something to say and was willing to share all her discoveries of the world and herself. Taking her Collage Journaling workshop was a wonderful experience.  As expected, Michelle eagerly shared her knowledge (collage history, tools, skills, hints) but with a sensitivity of a guidance counsellor in terms of the individual's background, interests and goals. She was so positive and encouraging despite my meagre first steps at collaging.  I may never produce collages that are fantastic but Michelle gave me new eyes with which I look at things and think about myself - the past, present and future. The workshop was definitely time well spent.

— Ruby Ireland, Retired Business Analyst 

Michelle is, to quote Margaret Laurence, a "respecter of persons”. At the suggestion of a good friend, I took a collaging course with Michelle. We had a wonderful experience from start to finish. She was very professional and also had the interpersonal skills to make this a very memorable experience. We continue to correspond with Michelle and look forward to attending other courses in the future. She is a gem! 

— Connie Howes-Davidson, Retired Business Systems Analyst

I went to the class with absolutely no knowledge of how to collage. By the time I started my collage, I felt very comfortable with all of the information. I felt I had learned all of the basics and would be able to apply them to my piece. With her pre-class homework, Michelle was able to help me bring out a very personal and focused idea. I found a new creative and artistic side that I did not know I had.  I would not hesitate to take another course with Michelle. I know I will be learning about the subject in depth, all the while enjoying myself and feeling relaxed and comfortable.

— Anne Bureau, Retired

Michelle has helped me to see the creative potential of collaging and to realize that such creativity is within my grasp. She is extremely generous in her preparations for the workshop, and I walked away with an abundance of new material and ideas. An inspiring and supportive teacher.  

— Mary Crawford, High School Teacher

Michelle’s vision board workshop has had a big impact on my life. Going through magazines and photos for the workshop really made me stop and think about what I wanted from life; something I had been too busy to do. During the class, as I pieced materials together, I had the biggest “Aha!” moment of my life and it became clear to me that what I really wanted to do was to work towards my degree in instructional design technology. I immediately enrolled in the program! Although I work full-time during the day and do my studies in the evening, I love what I am doing – I have never felt so alive! At 56 years old I figured out my passion, isn’t that amazing?! I would not have done this without attending Michelle’s workshop. I thank her for encouraging me and helping me to realize my dream.

— Gates Cooney, Learning Specialist

The workshop that I took with Michelle was an eye-opener! I went in with very little knowledge of collaging - I had only ever really been told that it had to cover the whole page. In the short time that she worked with me, I learned about different formats and techniques, about colour schemes and the benefits of different materials. The whole scope of the project became so much bigger, and I started to see all that it really had to offer. Michelle taught me how to find my potential and use it, and the tools she made for me to bring home are also very helpful. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone!

— Kimberly Farris-Manning, High School Student

I have taken three workshops with Michelle, two on vision boards and one on journaling. In all three workshops Michelle has been super organized, bringing lots of material for the participants to chose from, using interesting and challenging exercises to get our creative juices flowing. The workshops helped me focus on goals for my own art journey and provided me with tools to work towards those goals. Thank you Michelle!

— Olive Jones, Historian & Artist

Michelle is a very inspirational teacher so don't worry if you don't feel you have the creative vibe. If you are ever at cross roads in your life this is a must do project. With Michelle's gentle guidance you will create art that is personal and inspirational to you.

Charlotte Pragnell, Yoga Instructor

Michelle, as our instructor, gave us the tools and skills we needed to create our vision boards, as well as the support and encouragement to make them a reality. I can’t wait to take more of her workshops!

Susan Ashbrook, Artist, Art Teacher, Art Administrator





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