A Collage Zine: “L’invisible” (The Invisible)

In 2012 I created my first zine: “L’invisible” (“The Invisible”). This personal anti-commercial maga-“zine” was designed as a gift for my Collage Your World list members. I selected a series of images I wanted to work with from art and fashion magazines and the pieces literally found their counterparts! The zine’s themes are inspired by: art history, anthropology, my conversations with friends, literature I was currently reading and, as always, memories of my childhood and those of close friends. In retrospect, I feel the title recalls those moments only each of us will ever know about our histories… the vast majority of what we are is hidden from the world; “L’invisible” exposes some of those secret memories through the special filter of collage art… but this is my perspective and I welcome your reflections and comments. Copies of “L’invisible” will be available for sale later in 2014. Please email me if you’re interested in purchasing a copy. Special thanks to my artist/friend Diane Salter for introducing me to the concept of zines.

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Digital Conversion by Norm Prest

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