Collage Your World Courses & Workshops

Vision Board Workshop

Description:  Learn to use simple visioning and basic collage techniques to bring your dreams to life through a vision board. Use your board to summon whatever you wish: a dream house; a new garden; a healthier lifestyle or even a new career! Draw on it to invoke inner feelings of peace, positivity and balance or use it to keep the memories of those you love alive. Whatever your desires, this workshop will teach you to create a visual touchstone to do this as well as give you some tips and reading sources to help you realize your dreams. The rest is up to you!   

  When: Sunday/Monday, November 21/22, 2015
  Where: The Studio of Conceptual Design,
698 Cooper Street, Ottawa ON
  Price: $150 (most supplies and all tools are included)

2 days: 1- 4pm (most likely a weekend)

  To register: email mcasey@magma.ca  or call (613) 295-0554
  Note: There is room for two people.

Register by: Friday November 13, 2015

Collage Journaling: A Snapshot of Your Life

Description: Learn to journal using recyclable items from everyday life. Use them to speak about your feelings and experiences and discover all the intriguing things they reveal about you! Collage journaling is a wonderful tool for self-discovery. Itís a great way to explore your favourite subject matter; record your travels or legacy for your loved ones as well as a fun way to develop your artistic skills.   

  Where: Dates and venue to be announced
  Price: $100 (most supplies, all tools and journal are included)
  Duration: 12pm - 4pm
  To register: email mcasey@magma.ca  or call (613) 295-0554
  Note: Students will be given a list of items to collect before class.

Please register by:

Other Workshop Information

I hold workshops for one to three students throughout the year. If you are interested in registering, please email me at mcasey@magma.ca.


"During the (vision board) class, as I pieced materials together, I had the biggest 'Aha!' moment of my life and it became clear to me that what I really wanted to do was to work towards my degree in instructional design technology. I immediately enrolled in the program! ... I love what I am doing Ė I have never felt so alive! I would not have done this without attending Michelleís workshop."

"The workshop that I took with Michelle was an eye-opener! ... Michelle taught me how to find my potential and use it, and the tools she made for me to bring home are also very helpful. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone! "

"The workshops helped me focus on goals for my own art journey and provided me with tools to work towards those goals. Thank you Michelle!"

"Michelle is a very inspirational teacher so don't worry if you don't feel you have the creative vibe. ... With Michelle's gentle guidance you will create art that is personal and inspirational to you."

"Michelle, as our instructor, gave us the tools and skills we needed to create our vision boards ... I canít wait to take more of her workshops!" 




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