Pieces of Me III: Fragments from an Artist's Life

For much of my life, magazine images have served to inform my identity, wishes and dreams. Taking pieces from them to form reflections of my life through journal pages is something that comes naturally to me. I have long felt that collaging is a role-playing endeavour. In sifting through and selecting imagery, I become an archaeologist bent on excavating my soul: unearthing images that I feel capture the diverse aspects of my life and character. Giving shape to colours, patterns and textures that resonate with my personal history, I don the role of linguist carving out my own personal visual language. Assembling characters within a setting, I take on the guise of film director auditioning each part of a visual puzzle until I find just the right pieces. A truly cathartic experience, upon completion these pages offer insight into myself emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. I am struck by the manner in which the pages so accurately capture the essence of events in my life; as though they already existed, trapped within the corridors of my mind, and the act of collaging releases them.

Original collage art from this collection is available for purchase unless otherwise indicated.
Please contact the artist for purchase details.

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Digital Conversion by Peter Farris-Manning

2012 Michelle Casey, All Rights Reserved.