Mini Book Portfolio

A desire to expand my collaging repertoire to include bookmaking led to the creation of this series of four mini books given as gifts to friends. I enjoyed the challenge of drawing on my personal relationship with each person to tease out the books’ themes.

Mini Book for Elaine

San Francisco-based artist/painter Elaine Coombs is a dear colleague, mentor and friend. Last year when she asked me to participate in a recipe swap I made this special card-style book to house a favourite family recipe for her.

A Valentine for Kevin

No store-bought Valentine will do for my sweet husband Kevin Casey who's so supportive of my art career. I created this card-style book for him based on his quirks and our history together. For more on this piece see: My Valentine's Day Collage Mini Book.


Mini Book for Gillian

Painter and mixed media artist Gillian Jansen lives in the UK; her artwork is often inspired by her natural surroundings. When she gifted me with a small book last year, I immediately set out creating one for her inspired by my visions of Celtic mythology. See A Mini Book for Gillian for more on this piece.



Mini Book for Diane

A tour de force, my friend Diane Salter is a US-based mixed media artist and dancer. It was exciting to create this accordion-style mini book for her. Is there anything more incredible than the sensual, flying, free-falling, floating feeling of dance!





Photography by Peter Farris-Manning


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